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February 12, 2014

Valentines WTF: 47 Weird and Creepy Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards From the Mid-20 Century

Incomprehensible, ugly, strange, bizarre, weird, creepy or just plain inappropriate...

Valentines day is often a time for soppy and romantic cards and gestures. However there is, of course, a selection of humorous cards, too.

Be it so that in modern times there may be a card for everyone, back in years gone by, some of the cards coming out were more than a little strange. Check out these freaky vintage Valentine’s cards below!

1. Sometimes a banana is just a banana

2. Snow Blower

3. The Inappropriate Rocket

4. Creepy Doctor and Blow Up Doll

5. Clown Cop

6. Suicide Skunk

7. Another Adorable Suicide Valentine

8. Cop Aims to Please

9. Time Bomb

10. False Teeth Valentine

11. Sticky Valentine

12. Trapped by Love

13. The Crush

14. Mud about You

15. Submissive Kitten Valentine

16. Cannibal Valentine

17. Valentine Greetings from Cannibal Alfred E. Neuman

18. Gas Mask Valentine

19. Dictator Valentine

20. Handcuffs Valentine

21. Veal Valentine

22. Worst Valentine Ever

23. OUCH Valentine

24. Valentine Offerings to My Boyfriend

25. Fire Eater

26. Sword Swallower Valentine

27. I'll Nail You Yet

28. Flies

29. Eating Worms!

30. Screwy

31. Violent Caveman

32. Very Strange Granny

33. Smoking Cat

34. Weird Superhero Valentine

35. Ain't Love a Swell Condition?

36. A Valentine for Jon Bon Jovi

37. Picking on You to be My Valentine

38. Willing Slave

39. You Certainly Satisfy!

40. Cancer 'n Diabetes Valentine

41. Sexual Harassment

42. Lixie Wants Your Stick!

43. A Fine Young Cannibal Valentine

44. He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

45. Rat Trap Valentine

46. Love Stinks

47. To My Pin-Up Valentine!

(via kipling_west's Flickr)

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