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November 29, 2013

The Beatles Wives and Girlfriends, 1967

September 1967: This fashion study was taken to announce the opening in November 1967 of the Beatles Apple Boutique in Baker Street. Beatles’ wives Pattie Harrison, Cynthia Lennon and Maureen Starkey with Jenny Boyd posed for the stunning portrait taken by Ronald Traeger and commissioned by Brigid Keenan for the Sunday Times. The clothes were designed by Simon, Marijke, Josje and Barry, four designers of The Fool, a four member Dutch design collective and band designed for the Apple Boutique.

Here’s the colorized version of the photo. The colors of Pattie, Cynthia and Maureen’s clothes are accurate as described in the original article published in the legendary first issue of Rolling Stone, November 9, 1967. The colors of Jenny Boyd’s multi-colored outfit are unknown and completely Truth About the Beatles' Girls' blog.

Photo caption:
Beatle wives and a sister-in-law in clothes from the Apple. Left: Pattie Harrison in blue satin shirt and red satin pantaloons. Back center: Cynthia Lennon in pink-purple chiffon dress with a gold lame tunic and mauve stockings. Right: Maureen Starr in apple-green jacket embroidered in gold, over midnight-blue baggy pants applique with yellow stars. Front: Jenny Boyd (Pattie’s sister) in a print trimmed jacket, gathered skirt and chiffon trousers.


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