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November 21, 2013

Amazing Photograhs of Life in Denmark Through World War II

Images mostly from 1940-1945. During the occupation of Denmark.

Flags at Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. The king's birthday, 26th September 1945.

The Royal Guard replaces the police at Amalienborg Palace. 10th of June 1945.

Bike with a side car (Between 1940 and 1945)

Queue outside the bank in Kolding because of the currency reform. 23th of July 1945.

The police clearing Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen during the strike in 1944.

King Christian X on his horse. Gyldenløvsgade in Copenhagen 1940.

Members of the resistance movement in fight with German soldiers. Flakhaven in Odense. 5th of May 1945.

Queue outside the butcher in Elsinore. August 1943.

German guards outside the Hotel Phoenix in Bredgade, Copenhagen (The German Marine's head quarter). 1940-45.

Enthusiastic people with flags outside Vor Frue Kirke in Copenhagen. May 1945.

Flags at the central square in Copenhagen. After 5th May 1945.

Woman with RAF badges and Dannebrog (the Danish flag). 5th May 1945.

People are burning papers from Dagmarhus (The German head quarter during the occupation). 6th May 1945.

Dannebrog (the Danish flag) at Danas Plads in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.

The king's aide-de-camp (Captain Henningsen) tells people that the king has gone to bed, so they can not see him. 4th May 1945.

The king's car at Strøget, Copenhagen. 26th September 1945.

Children playing freedom fighters. Odinsgade, Copenhagen. May 1945.

Jeanne d’Arc School on fire. Maglekildevej at Frederiksberg. 21st March 1945.

HIPO inspecting identity cards when people cross Langebro (bridge) in Copenhagen.

People celebrating the liberation of Denmark. 5th May 1945.

Freedom fighters at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

Harald Heering from Akademisk Skytteforening (Academic Rifle Club). Small arms instructor: Captain Hingel.

Bomb crater at Njalsgade in Copenhagen after the RAF attack on B&W.

Kompagni Vest with bikes. People from The Academic Rifle Club during the Slotsholm detachement.

Kompagni Vest. People from The Academic Rifle Club during the Slotsholm detachement.

The police on their way to Sweden, returning from concentration camp in Germany. 1945.

German guards at Vestre Fængsel (prison).

Sales man with barrow and women with prams. Near Århus Station.

Freedom fighters in a German car at The Central Square (Rådhuspladsen) in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.

Cyclist looking at the burning Shellhouse (Getapo's head quarter) after the RAF attack.. 18th April 1944.

Freedom fighters inspecting cars at Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.

Woman freedom fighter with rifle at the Carlsberg Breweries. May 1945.

Air-raid precaution exercise in Flakhaven in Odense, 1940.

Freedom fighters at Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.

Police officers in front of Griffenfeldtsgade 50 in Copenhagen - the communist party's head quarter.

Saboteurs with guns, March 1945.

Sabotage. People looking at Langebro (bridge) in Copenhagen. 27th March 1945.

5th May 1945.

May 1945.

June 10th 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 4th 1945.

May 11th 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 5th 1945.

After May 5th 1945.

May 8th 1945.

May 1945.

Summer 1945.

June 30th 1945.

May 9th 1945.

May 9th 1945.

After May 5th 1945.

May 1945.

May 9th 1945.

May 1945.

September 26, 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 1945.

May 4th 1945.

June 3rd 1945.

May 5th 1945.

May 9th 1945.

Queue outside a soup kitchen,at Klostertorv in Ålborg 1943.

Musicians in the streets of Vesterbro, Copenhagen, March 1945.

Woman selling flags at Langelinje, Copenhagen. May 1945.

Cyclists at Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen (1940-45)

People running, The Central Station in Aarhus. 26th August 1943.

Returning prisoners from the concentration camp Stutthof. Copenhagen, 2nd June 1945.

Barrow with flags (English/British) in Copenhagen. May 1945.

Queue outside the cigarette shop at Bakken (amusement park) in Klampenborg. Summer 1945.

People near the central square. May 1945.

People at the central square. May 1945.

Books and papers from the German book shop at Frederiksberggade in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.

(via National Museum of Denmark)


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