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August 27, 2013

Unboxing the Statue of Liberty, New York City, 1885

In 1880, the iron framework for the tower was begun in the yard of Gaget, Gauthier et Cie, and over the course of about 3 years the inner structure and outer skin were assembled piece by piece to Liberty's full height of 151 feet.

The statue was completed in Paris in June 1884, presented to America by the people of France on July 4, 1884. The statue was dismantled and shipped to US in early 1885, transported by the French frigate "Isere". The finished statue consisted of 350 individual pieces shipped to the US in 214 crates.

179,200 pounds (81,300 kilograms) of copper was used in Statue. 250,000 pounds (113,400 kilograms) of iron. Total weight of the Statue is 450,000 pounds (225 tons). The thickness of Copper sheeting is 3/32 inch (2.37mm), about the thickness of a penny.

Unpacking of the head of the Statue of Liberty, which was delivered on June 17, 1885.

Even before Lady Liberty became an American symbol of freedom, pieces of the statue were popular tourist attractions in their own right as people flocked to see the work under construction.

Before Lady Liberty was standing tall, she had to be assembled piece by piece.

Tourists take a peek at Lady Liberty’s massive foot as she is built in Paris before embarking on her long journey to the United States.

The Statue of Liberty’s limbs and crown arrived piecemeal before they were constructed together into Lady Liberty. They’re seen being uncrated here on Liberty Island in 1885.

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