August 26, 2013

Awesome Photographs of New York City in the 1970s

Scrap metal collectors on the way to Harlem, 1970.

Children in the South Bronx, 1970.

East Harlem, 1970.

Children play in the street of the South Bronx, 1971.

View of Brownsville from the Sutter Ave. stop on the L line, Brooklyn, 1978

Children with dog. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1970.

Dolls in the window. South Bronx, 1970.

Teenagers in the Melrose Section, South Bronx, 1970

Old people. Lower East Side, Manhattan, 1970.

The boy from the South Bronx, 1970

S. Bronx, By Cross Bronx Expressway east, 1970.

E. 158 St. by 3rd Ave., Bronx, 1978.

Lower East Side, 1970.

View from the Manhattan Bridge, 1970.

WTC towers under construction, 1970.

View SW from the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn, 1971

View from abandoned pier, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1970.

Pier with old subway cars in South Brooklyn, 1970.

Bronx Queen and number 6 subway, Bronx River 1970.

Lower East Side.

Lower East Side.

Lower East Side.

School children and dogs. Bronx.

Parachute jump, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 1970.

Houses on Fifth Avenue. East Harlem.

Abandoned and burned cars. Bronx.

In the subway. South Bronx.

View of the World Trade Center.

Bronx River. Bronx.

Drunk lying on the steps of a house in the South Bronx.

South Bronx.

Children play with a broken toy. Bronx.

Cadillac Fleetwood in Harlem.

Drunk on the street in the South Bronx.

Children drink water from a hydrant. Lower East Side.

South Bronx.

Puerto Rican wedding in East Harlem.

Children play with dolls in Votochnom Harlem.

A man is reading a newspaper. South Bronx.

South Bronx.

Children play on an abandoned car in the South Bronx.

An abandoned car on the street. South Bronx.

(Photos by Camilo José Vergara)


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