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June 4, 2013

Awesome Pictures of a Teenage Jodie Foster Riding Skateboards From the 1970s

She may be an award-winning Hollywood actress, Yale University graduate and mother of two kids but like Katharine Hepburn, she can rip on a skateboard.

This is Jodie aged 15 back in 1977, rocking some awesome bell bottom jeans and looking extremely composed on her board. She’s even got a Californian punk band named after her called Jodie Foster’s Army, and we’d have to agree Jodie is pretty frickin’ rad.

Jodie Foster was born in 1962 in Los Angeles and started acting when she was merely three years old. Her true name is actually Alicia Foster, but for some reason, she was given the nickname “Jodie” and that just became how everyone knew her from then on.

After performing various commercial and bit parts, she began to act in some French films, hence why she is in Paris in the pictures. At this point, the young Foster began to focus much of her talents in getting large roles in small movies.

A few live Disney films featured her prominently to continue garner her popularity. She had a bit of difficulty resurging into the acting scene when she was grown up. Eventually, she resurged in The Accused, a movie she starred in in 1988 and even won an Academy Award for that part.

Three years later she would play perhaps her most famous role as Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs. This movie also won her an Academy Award as well as massive popularity because of what a sleeper hit the film was. Today Foster mostly directs and produces films, but still looks back fondly on the time she spent starring in them.

Here’s an awesome photo of Jodie Foster on a skateboard at age 15. With her sweet moves, awesome hair and bell-bottom jeans, she is basically the poster child for the 1970s.

Jodie Foster skateboarding in Paris, from a 1977 Japanese magazine.

Another Paris photo, this time Jodie Foster skateboarding in front of the Eiffel Tower, 1977. (Photo by Patrick Jarnoux)

A teenage Jodie Foster ridding a skateboard, ca. 1970s.

Jodie Foster on a Japanese magazine, 1978.

Jodie Foster skating on the street, 1978.


  1. training for the french movie MOI FLEUR BLEUE 1977

  2. Jodie Fosters Army is an anti hippie punk band from Phoenix Arizona not California .




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