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June 5, 2013

Adorably Bizarre Vintage Photos of Puppies Dressed Up and Doing Fun Things From the 1910s

If anyone has ever tried to dress up or photograph an animal they would most likely say that the experience is most difficult. In 1915, photographer Harry Whittier Frees posed puppies (and kittens) as part of series of photos for a children’s book.

Born in 1879, Harry Whittier Frees began his career as an animal photographer partially by accident, and partially due to a new found popularity in picture postcards.

In a 1937 issue of LIFE magazine entitled “Speaking of Pictures… These are Harry Frees Lifework” Frees career is described as starting at a birthday party in 1906, in which a birthday hat was passed around a dinner table and eventually landing on the head of the pet cat. It is said that Frees immediately took a photograph of the cat, and thus launching his career as an animal photographer.


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