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May 1, 2013

Wonderful Color Photographs of Life in Hawaii in 1959

Here, a number of color photographs of life in Hawaii in 1959, the year Hawaii officially became America's 50th state.

Cattle graze under volcanic cliffs on Oahu, 1959

Foodland supermarket, Hawaii, 1959

Black-sand beach, made by waves battering volcanic rock, on the Big Island, Hawaii, 1959

Hawaiian scene, 1959

Scene at Dole's 15,000-acre Wahiawa plantation near Honolulu, 1959

Young Catholics at St. Catherine's Church on Kauai, 1959

Washing hung out to dry, Hawaii, 1959

Fans at a football game, Hawaii, 1959

Drum majorette leads band at Honolulu football game, 1959

Football game, Honolulu, 1959

Mamala paddle dance which was performed in honor of Lono

Hawaiian women pose, 1959

Dunking pool at a Hawaii fair, 1959

Roman Catholic church, Hawaii, 1959

Hawaiian police, 1959

Scene on a Hawaiian plantation, 1959

Tourists in Hawaii, 1959

Surfing, 1959

A young Hawaiian mother, 1959

Hawaii, 1959

Pearl Harbor, 1959

Swimming in a freshwater pool, Hawaii, 1959

(Photos by Ralph Crane—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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