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October 25, 2012

20 Vintage Photos of Alfred Hitchcock Being a Big Goof

Hitchock is the king of thriller and suspense, known for Psycho and The Birds. But here he is just being super silly. Hitchcock certainly wasn't afraid to be doing totally outrageous and ridiculous things when the cameras were turned on him.

Here are 20 photos that prove that Alfred Hitchcock was the original badass that everyone should talk about:

1. Holding this goose

2. Being a human cannon ball

3. Being silly with birds

4. Hugging a koala

5. Holding a petite tea cup

6. Pretending this guy is a plant

7. Sighing next to a skull

8. Playing with his doggy

9. Thinking with a bird

10. Floatin’

11. Eating a sandwich

12. Drummin’ with femur bones

13. Peepin’ through branches

14. Being silly in general

15. Being silly with a noose

16. Trying to ride a bike

17. Facepalming

18. Lookin’ down his pants

19. Being a rockstar

20. Wrapping himself in giant sausages

(via BuzzFeed)


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