September 30, 2012

Old Photos of New York City Coffee Shops in the Past

Check out these old New York City coffee shops, from the 1880s to 1980s

550 West 125th Street, 1932. Battle's Coffee Pot. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

8th Avenue and 23rd Street, Coffee Pot. February 28, 1926. (Courtesy of the Municipal Archives)

Caffe Reggio, 1975

Caffe Reggio, 1978

Chock Full O'Nuts on Lexington Avenue and 86th Street, 1935. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

Coffee and donuts on the waterfront, May 1937. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

Coffee at one of the last Horn & Hardart Automats. Photo taken June 8th, 1987. (via AP)

Hotel Governor Clinton. Coffee room niche. October 15th, 1929. With table set. Southeast corner of 31st Street and 7th Avenue. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

King's Coffee and Teas, 288 Hudson Street, 1915. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

La Casa del Cafe; coffee shop, 1962. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

Rufus Story, dealer in coffee, 1881. (Courtesy of the MCNY)

Santa taking a coffee break, 1962. (via LIFE)

The Peacock, an Italian coffee house in New York. March 1953. (via LIFE)

Cat sitting in front of Galatzer & Botoshaner Tea & Coffee House, 1930s. (Courtesy of the Municipal Archives)


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