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September 29, 2012

30 Awesome Vintage Longhaired Lady Photographs Taken by Stan Shuttleworth

Stan Shuttleworth worked for the Planning Commission of San Bernardino County, California and lived in Redlands, California. He was also a very well known photographer.

Stan like some of us understood that he had a passion for ladies with long hair. Not being ashamed or shy about this, Stan would advertise in the local papers for ladies with long hair to model for him. He then would photograph then in all of their splendid glory. Stan understood he was not alone in his admiration of women who let nature take its course with their hair.

His pictures were available to anyone who requested them. Being the kind of person that Stan was, once you requested pictures from him he would mail a sample out on the honor system. If you did not like them, then you were to return them to him. If you did like them, then you sent him a payment, and Stan would send you some more.

Stan did this from 1950s up until the ’80s when he passed away from a stroke as a result of battling diabetes for many years. Stan really wanted to share his work with the world, and this site will help him do so now that he is no longer able to.



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