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June 18, 2017

13 Amazing Photos Show the Interior and Exterior of A House in Hamburg, Germany in 1921

These amazing photos from indigo_mint that show the interior and exterior of a house in 1921. It was built probably in 1919 or 1920, and located at 132 Heilwigstraße, Hamburg, Germany.
“My great-grandparents and my grandmother lived here during the 1920s. It is located in Hamburg directly at the Außenalster. The house had modern features such as telephones (living room 1 and bedroom 2). The girl's room is my grandmother's who was born in 1918. In the garden they had chicken and goats.”
Take a look...

Building the house (probably 1919 or 1920)

132 Heilwigstraße, Hamburg

Exterior view from the Alster

 View of the garden

Winter garden with a fish tank in the right corner (that looks like a fountain)


 Living room 1

 Living room 2

 Girl's room

 Dining room


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2


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