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June 18, 2017

21 Thought-Provoking Historical Photographs You've Never Seen Before

There are some old photographs so rarely seen that you can stare at them for hours on end. Behind every picture from the past, there stands the past lives of thousands of our unknown ancestors.

Here are just a few of these kinds of photograph. Take a look, it's always interesting to contemplate what they tell us about the world, and ourselves.

 A graduation ceremony, 1895

 Soldiers of the Caucasus, early 20th century

 Princesses Olga and Tatyana of the Russian royal family before the Revolution, 1913

 Geishas, Japan, 1920s

Surfers, 1922

Fishermen of the Volga river, Russia, with their impressive catch, 1924

 Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, practicing with his wife in 1928

 King George VI of Britain looking serious, 1938

 Fawzia Fuad, Princess of Iran and Queen of Egypt, 1939

 The crush of the ocean liner SS Normandie on 9 February 1942 at New York City’s pier 88

 Linda Christian, the first ’Bond girl’, 1945

 A boy watches television for the first time through a shop window, 1948

 A young Inuit girl and her husky dog, 1949

 The brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who founded famous sport’s companies Adidas and Puma

An Iranian woman, 1960

 Bikers, 1960s

Players of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Black Hawks search for Jack Evans' lost contact lens during an ice hockey game, 1962

 A sixteen-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger at his first body-building competition, 1963

 Margaret Hamilton, the principal software engineer for NASA, 1969

 Famous poet Joseph Brodsky with his students, Michigan, 1980s

 The Opening Ceremony of the XXII summer Olympic Games, Moscow, 1980

(via Bright Side)



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