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November 2, 2015

16 Amazing Vintage Photos of Ladies with Their Motorcycles

Ladies with their vintage motorbikes.

A couple of ladies astride a couple of vintage motorcycles

Lady riding on a vintage motorbike in Germany

A woman with the Royal Enfield motorcycle and sidecar, ca. 1940s

BSA motorcycle, England, 1947

Coventry-Eagle Flying 8 motorcycle and sidecar in England

A woman posing with Harley-Davidson, California, 1953

Lady with a Moped, Germany

Cushman delivery scooter, as owned by the United States military during World War Two

Zundapp motorcycle, Germany, ca. 1930s

Lady on the Harley-Davidson, Wisconsin, USA

A Harley-Davidson and rider, Wisconsin, USA

Ladies posing with a vintage sidecar motocycle

Harley-Davidson motorcycle, registered to Miami, Florida, ca. 1950s

BSA motorcycle and sidecar in France

Ladies on a Reading Standard motorbike

A woman on the Cushman motorcycle

(Photos from Steve Given)


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