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November 3, 2015

30 Awesome Vintage Photos of Sport Stadiums That No Longer Exist in the U.S.

Here's a collection of old photos from the stadiums that no longer exist. These awesome photos will give you an idea of what going to a game was like 100 years ago.

Huntington Avenue Grounds, Boston (Boston Braves, 1903)

Polo Grounds, Manhattan (New York Giants, 1908)

The owner's box at the Polo Grounds (note the weeds).

Shibe Park, Philadelphia (Philadelphia A's, 1913)

Fans watching from the rooftops outside Shibe Park.

Fans watching from the rooftops outside Shibe Park.

The main entrance to Shibe Park.

Original Yankee Stadium, Bronx (New York Yankees, 1923)

Governor Alfred E. Smith (lower right) threw out the first pitch at the first game at original Yankee Stadium

Fans spilling onto the field.

Fans walking to the Polo Grounds.

Giants players walking onto the field at the Polo Grounds.

Photographers take pictures.

The Polo Grounds from the bleachers.

During the 1912 World Series.

The outfield seats.

The Polo Grounds along the Harlem River.

West Side Park, Chicago (Chicago Cubs, 1910)

A huge Chicago Tribune ad in right field in West Side Park.

West Side Park during a Buffalo Bill show.

Madison Square Garden III, Manhattan (boxing, basketball, hockey)

Madison Square Garden II, Manhattan (boxing)

MSG III during a horse show.

MSG III preparing for a circus.

Washington Park, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Tip-Tops, 1915)

Concession stands outside of Ebbets Field in 1920.

Ebbets Field, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Dodgers, 1920)

The crowd right along the outfield.

The bleachers under construction.

The eventual grandstand.

(via Business Insider)


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