June 9, 2012

Tommy Tucker - A 1940s' Squirrel's Guide to Fashion

In the 1940s a cross-dressing squirrel from Washington, D.C., took the nation by storm. With more than 100 outfits to choose from — and such accessories as hats and pearl necklaces — Tommy Tucker captivated adults and children alike. He sold war bonds during World War II and encouraged members of the Tommy Tucker Club to be kind to animals.

In the 1940s a squirrel owned by the wife of a Washington dentist became famous throughout the United States. The squirrel's name was Tommy Tucker and he wore women's clothing.

(Photos: Nina LeenTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

1 comment:

  1. *blushes uncomfortably* I never in a million years thought I would ever find myself envious of a squirrel's life (and wardrobe!).



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