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July 9, 2024

Courtney Love Photographed by Kevin Cummins for Melody Maker, March 1993

Thursday, March 25, 1993. London, England. Courtney Love had just only recently gotten her ‘K’ Tattoo for Kurt. She clearly wanted to show off her fresh ink in this photoshoot. These photos were used for NME’s April 23, 1993 issue.

Kristen had only very recently joined the band. The day prior on March 24, Hole played an all girls show at Subterrania in London. Huggy Bear opened for them. This was only Kristen’s 2nd show with the band.

The day after this photoshoot, March 26, Hole made their first television debut on The Word, performing their song “Beautiful Son.” The song was officially released as a single a month later.

Other songs on the “Beautiful Son” single included “20 Years in the Dakota” (famously about Yoko Ono), and “Old Age.” Kurt was not pleased with “Old Age,” so he gave it to Courtney for her to use however she wanted. A more polished studio version of “Old Age” would also later appear on the “Violet” single in 1995. Courtney of course changing the lyrics and adding her own twist to things.

Courtney has ‘Mary’ scribbled onto her fingers. Wearing shorts (such a rare sighting for her to be in shorts), and a little button up sweater that she later wore in a Hole photoshoot with Steve Gullick in 1993. You can also see her ruby wedding ring in the up close shot.


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