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June 26, 2024

Gloves Worn by Sightless Deaf People That Allow Them to Communicate, ca. 1910s

In England some use is made of a two-handed system, as shown in the following illustration:

The following explanation accompanied the forego-ing photograph:
The above photograph illustrates a method suggested by Mr. Leslie Callard, of St. Albans, by which an inexperienced person can communicate with one who is deaf-blind. Should the deaf-blind be also dumb, he can speak to the sighted by simply pointing out the letters of the message lie wishes to convey with the index finger of either hand on his own gloved hands and it can be read by the sighted. The letters are arranged in alphabetical order, one on each finger joint, and the figures on the nails.”
In a pamphlet issued by Miss M. Christine Baylis, Hon. Secretary of The Deaf-Blind Blessing Society of Worcester, England, the following statement is made:
“These gloves are a splendid invention. The letters of the ordinary sighted alphabet are printed upon the backs, rendering a conversation quite easy between a sighted person and a deaf-blind person, even though the former has never seen these gloves before. The position of the letters must be thoroughly memorized by the deaf-blind person, however, if conversation is to flow easily.”


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