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June 29, 2024

Amazing Vintage Photos Offer a Behind the Scenes Look at the Famous Gaby Young Agency in the 1950s and 1960s

The Gaby Young Agency was originally known as the Gaby Young Mannequin Agency as models were known as mannequins in those days.

Gaby Young-MacKinnon started off as one of Christian Dior’s muse and house models and later started her own atelier in Mallorca, Spain. She appeared on the cover of a range of magazine’s, including Vogue, and and big walked for an array of designer names.

Her agency was coveted among aspiring models, and taught them how to walk a catwalk, do a three-point-turn, take their coat or jacket off during a walk, and exit the car in a “lady-like manner” – knees “firmly pressed together.” First class models would take Gaby’s three-week course, before being signed off by her and passed onto a photographer, where they would see if they could get work.

The incredible images show a model learning the correct way to walk in 1965 with her tummy in and pelvis forward. Elsewhere a young hopeful is seen being interviewed by Gaby Young herself in 1950, while Young and her secretary are pictured coping with busy telephones that don't seem to stop ringing.

Other striking shots show Gaby Young modeling a Reveille coat in 1951, and one of Gaby Young’s models walking along Regent Street on her way to work. Meanwhile a model pupil practiced the sitting position she learnt the previous week, with her hands clasped neatly on her knee and legs on the opposite side.

These remarkable photographs reveal the inner workings of one of the UK’s top modeling agencies during the 1950s and 1960s.

Charm School. 1965: A model learning the correct way to walk in 1965.

One Call a Minute, all through the day, comes into the West End office of the Gaby Young Mannequin Agency. Gaby is seen dealing with a request herself.

Models are seen learning from experts as they take notes on how to pose.

Pictured: An appointment chart is checked over during call on Gaby Young by Elizabeth Chantler in 1950.

Members of the Mantle and Costume Manufacturers Export Group of Great Britain today presented a parade of English tailored coats and suits at the Grosvenor Hotel Ballroom, Park Lane.

Pictured: Charm School - a model is being taught how to get out of a car with her knees together in 1965.

New school for photographic models: Mr Archie Parker and his wife – both photographers – opened a new school for photographic models – at 5, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge, where, for the first time you could learn from a photographer how to become a photographic model.

One of Gaby Young’s girls walking along Regent Street on her way to work. Matron and Teenager, Mrs Eve Neil and Marianne Burwood walk down Regent Street on their way to an assignment in 1950.

Child models are also on Gaby’s list. Lynn Cameron’s engagements are being made by her mother Carla in 1950.

Model ‘Pam’ learning the “correct way” to walk – with tummy in and pelvis forward.

Gaby Young interviewing Pat turner who wants to start modeling, asks her to walk up and down.

Hilda Christian and Pat Turner (left) being interviewed by Gaby Young, they want to start modeling, 1950.

She interviews two girls who want to be models, and, in these cases, takes them on. Not that they are quite right at present, by Gaby Young can tell at once whether a girl has possibilities and the rest she will knock into, or out of, them by training. The girls L-R Pat Turner and Hilda Christian, 1950.

A model pupil practices the sitting position she learned last week – hands clasped neatly on knee, legs on opposite side, 1965.

Miss Gaby Young, in an evening dress of satin, with a velvet stole. Zircon jewelry in earrings and necklace, seen at the premiere last evening. October 13, 1950.

(via Daily Mail Online)


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