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June 8, 2024

20 Portraits of a Young Bonnie Tyler in the 1980s

“They blame me for the ozone,” said Bonnie Tyler on owning possibly the finest example of 1980s big hair. “I hate the curly hair looking back. People think I had my hair permed, it wasn’t. It was just cut into layers and scrunched with a diffuser and L’Oreal mousse.”

Hair aside, she said it’s the clothes that have always been a thorn in her side. In the 1980s, she unforgettably rocked looks of flowing fabrics, risque leather and lace, and the occasional suit and tie. But even now it’s a chore.

“My biggest stress in the music business is getting the clothes together because I don’t have an entourage,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I sort my own clothes. It’s murder trying to put all your stuff together when you're always on the road. It’s a big pain in the arse.”

The Welsh singer is recognized for her distinctive husky voice, and a long list of hit singles including “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “It’s a Heartache,” “Holding Out for a Hero,” “Lost in France,” “More Than a Lover,” “Bitterblue” and “If I Sing You a Love Song.” In her 50-year career, Bonnie has performed for audiences in countries across the world, and she has enjoyed critical acclaim for her recent albums Rocks and Honey and Between The Earth and the Stars. Her latest album The Best Is Yet to Come – released on February 26, 2021 – is a contemporary approach to the sounds and styles of 80s pop rock.


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