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May 19, 2024

Pete Townshend of The Who Posing in Style, 1967

When The Who released their first single “I Can’t Explain” in 1965, it went straight in at No8 in the UK’s charts. The man behind the track was Pete Townshend, cofounder of the band, whose unique sound was rooted in Britain’s swinging mod culture.

Townshend went on to be one of the 1960s’ most influential figures. Through his music, of course – unsurprisingly, The Who were quick to find success in America (as one of the leading groups of the British Invasion) before going on to sell more than 100 million records worldwide – but equally Townshend inspired through his personal style.

Mastering the formula of mod fashion through his slim-cut suits, leather boots, knitted jumpers and patriotic prints, Townshend used his wardrobe to communicate a forward-thinking Britishness all his own.

Here, Pete Townshend posing in the studio for a photoshoot for Smart Clothes in London in December 1967. The photos were taken by Beverly Goodway.


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