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May 23, 2024

Lovely Children’s Postcards in the 1930s

Children’s postcards from the 1930s often featured charming illustrations, vibrant colors, and whimsical themes. These postcards typically depicted playful scenes, such as children playing games, interacting with animals, or engaging in seasonal activities like sledding or beach outings. Popular characters from storybooks and comics also made frequent appearances.

The art style was usually nostalgic and innocent, reflecting the era’s emphasis on traditional values and simple pleasures. These postcards were used for both personal correspondence and as collectibles, capturing the cultural essence of childhood during that decade.

Here below is a set of lovely children’s postcards in the 1930s.

1001 Nights, 1930

Candy, 1930

Cats on roof, 1930

Children and black cat, 1930

Children's hairdresser, circa 1930

Dentist waiting room, circa 1930

Fashion store, 1930

Ice sorbet, 1930

Motorcycle, circa 1930

Painter, 1930

The kitchen, circa 1930

Cook stove, 1931

Dancing, 1931

On the motorcycle, 1931

Crocodile, 1932

Photographer, 1932

Rain, 1932

Letter, 1933

Mailbox, 1933

Boat, 1934

Children, dog, and frog 1934

Gate, 1934

Skating, 1934

The worshiper, 1934

Tie, 1934

Travel, 1937

Shoe store, circa 1930

Dentist, 1939

Children tie, 1939

Volendammer children, 1939

1 comment:

  1. We can safely say
    1) The artist hated cats
    2) He couldn't cook
    3)His little ankle-biter dog was always in the way!
    4)He had a fixation with silly hats!




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