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April 5, 2024

Amazing Beer Advertising Posters Designed by Henry Jerome Schile in the 19th Century

Born 1829 in Oberharmersbach, Baden-Württemberg, German-American artist Henry Jerome Schile immigrated to the United States in 1851 and was active in New York during the mid-19th.

Beer advertising posters designed by Henry Jerome Schile in the 19th century

Henry Schile’s work is described by Harry T. Peters in America on Stone as:
“Though often German in source or character, often bearing titles in foreign languages, for the convenience of immigrants, and invariably and outrageously crude in conception, composition, drawing, and lithography, Schile’s prints are undoubtedly American in spirit, because they so vividly represent the ‘melting pot’ from which they came and for which they were made. … They did an extremely large quantity, all folios. I have never seen a small print by them, which is quite unique. Most of Schile’s prints are on heavy black paper. But they appear on all types of paper from the thinnest to the very thickest. The coloring is so crude in many that it beggars description. When asked who made the best once, I declined to answer, but replied that quite surely Schile made the worst. Yet in spite of that they have real spirit of lithography.”
Henry Schile died in New York in 1901, aged 72. Here below is a set of amazing posters for beer advertising designed by Henry Jerome Schile in the late 19th century.

Bock Beer, 1885

Geo. Ehret’s Brewery, Munich Beer Girl, 1885

Bavarian Highland Beer Girl, 1886

Geo. Ringler & Co., Bock Beer, 1886

Gotfried Kruger Brewery, Newark, N.J., Bock Beer, 1886

P. Schoenhofen Brewing Co., Chicago, Ill., Edelweiss, 1886

Crescent Bock, 1889

White Bock, Nº 113, 1889

Bock Beer, 1890

Bock, 1890

George Ehret’s Brewery, N.Y., 1890

Compliments of Gottfried Krueger Brewing Co, 1891

Bock Beer, 1892

Bock, ‘Auerbach’s Keller’, 1892

Bock, 1893

Bock, 1893

Bock, 1894

Bock, 1894

Bock, 1894

Young America, Bock no. 193, 1894

The C. Kern Brewing Co., Port Huron, Mich., Bismarck Table Beer, 1897


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