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April 28, 2024

Beautiful Art Deco Illustration of Classic Beauties by Henry Clive

Henry Clive (1883–1960) was an Australian-born American graphic artist and illustrator who created illustrations for The American Weekly and cover series, which were posed for by screen celebrities.

Clive was born Henry O’Hara in Australia and spent his childhood on a sheep ranch outside Melbourne. In later years, he moved to Hollywood, acted in silent films and became an art director in Charlie Chaplin’s productions, where he starred as a villain in City Lights.

Clive’s 1925 Art Deco illustration Sultana for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company was once sold for $22,705. Housed in the Estate of Charles Martignette, in 2010 Sultana was put on sale again at Heritage Auctions. Sultana was reproduced in The Great American Pin-Up by Charles G. Martignette and Louis K. Meisel.

Take a look at these beautiful photos to see his work from between the 1920s and 1940s.

Cleopatra, circa 1920

Chinese princess, circa 1920s

Anna May Wong, circa 1920s

Dutch girl, circa 1920s

Girl with a butterfly, circa 1920s

Her Martini, circa 1920

Portrait of a lady in a feathered dress, circa 1920s

Portrait of a young woman, circa 1920s

The Kiss, circa 1920s

To "M. D." (Marion Davies), circa 1920s

Vivaudous’s Mavis Beauty Secrets, 1923

Vivaudous’s Mavis Toilet Preparations, 1923

Seaside Flirtation, circa 1925

Sultana, circa 1925

Sultana, circa 1925

Dear Old Art, Be Good, and You'll Be Eccentric, December 1928

Bathing Beauty, 1930

Indian Maiden, 1930

Starlet, circa 1930s

French Mademoiselle, 1933

Lenore, Poe's "The Raven", The American Weekly, February 4, 1934

Moon of My Delight, 1934

Mardi Gras, 1937

The Aurora, 1937

The Mermaid, circa 1939

Portrait of a young woman in Breton peasant dress, 1944

Cleopatra, 1946

Lola Montez, 1946

Beryl Wallace as Delilah, cover of The American Weekly, June 20, 1948

48 Yvonne de Carlo as Mata Hari, cover of American Weekly, February 8, 1948


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