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April 18, 2024

Dramatic and Tragic Story of Hazel Bushell Collier Murder in 1912

Akron, Ohio, August 13, 1912 – After firing four shots from a revolver into the body of his former wife, Hazel Bushell Collier (1889–1912), mortally wounding her, Byron Collier late yesterday turned the weapon on himself and put a bullet into his brain in order to prevent arrest. Collier died instantly.

Hazel Bushell Collier (1889–1912), 1910

The couple have been divorced since last April, and Mrs. Collier want to her former husband's home to collect alimony awarded her for the support of their two-year-old child. It is alleged that she had been in the house but a few minutes when four shots were heard, and a motorcycle policeman who was passing attempted to enter the residence. Before he could get to the room where Mr. and Mrs. Collier were, Collier had killed himself. Mrs. Collier died in a few minutes.

Mrs. Collier is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bushell of this city. [Sullivan, Indiana]

Telegram - Hazel Bushell Shot, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Collier were married about four years ago. Collier was a soldier and received the address of Miss Bushell from a mutual friend of theirs, and began a correspondence with her while he was in service in the Philippines. The correspondence lasted about three years, and after Collier had been discharged from service he came here and they were married, going from here to Akron, Ohio, where Collier engaged in work in a machine shop.

Hazel Bushell Collier Murder, 1912

Several months ago Mr. and Mrs. Collier separated, she coming to the home of her parents north of the city, with her three year old daughter. Three months ago she was granted a divorce from him in the Akron courts and received employment there and leaving her child here. In a letter to her parents last week she said that she had not seen her former husband for about two months.

Three weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Bushell received a message from Akron stating that Mrs. Collier was seriously ill, but on investigation, they found that it was not true and were unable to learn who had sent the message. Monday night when they received the message that their daughter was dying they thought that it was another fake message, but later received official notice of her death. The body will be brought to this city for burial.

[Sullivan Democrat, Thursday August 15, 1912 (Sullivan, Indiana)]

Granddaughter of Charles Lister and Anna Frey. The Lister Family of Illinois and Pennsylvania.


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