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April 14, 2024

35 Beautiful Studio Portrait Photos of Graduates in the 1980s

Studio portrait photography in the 1980s was characterized by a blend of traditional techniques and emerging trends. Photographers often used medium format film cameras for high-quality images, and studio setups typically included a variety of backdrops and lighting setups to create different moods and atmospheres.

Graduates in Lincoln County high schools, North Carolina in the 1980s

Studio portraits in the 1980s often featured vibrant colors, bold patterns, and dramatic lighting. Common themes included formal poses, glamorous attire, and sometimes even props like flowers or musical instruments. It was a decade known for its unique fashion sense and flashy aesthetics, which often translated into portrait photography as well.

These beautiful photos from LLF archives2 captured studio portraits of graduates in Lincoln County high schools, North Carolina in the 1980s.

Albert Young

Alica Smith

Allen Townsend

Amy Smith

Brenda Gibson

Carroll Cannon

Claude Middleton

Connie Britt

Dallas Eallett

Debra Lee

Denise Earl

Dorothy Berry

Elbert White

Everette Cameron

Fred Cannon

Harriett Banks

Jackie Benjamin

Karion Parter

Kay Parker

Marian Hall

Mattie Adams

Petra Washington

Phyllis Haynes

Rebecca Byrd

Royce Berry

Ruthie Mae Allen

Sandra Daniels

Sandra Washington

Sheila McGowan

Simon Allen

Sylvester Solmon

Thomas Earl Allen

Tony Banks

Wanda Brown

Willie May Sanders

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