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April 30, 2024

Bettie Page’s Mugshots, 1972

Here’s the mugshots of iconic ’50s pin-up model Bettie Page after being arrested in Hialeah, Florida. Bettie was arrested on October 28, 1972 when police answered a call placed by her ex-husband Harry Lear. When they arrived on scene that found him and Bettie out on the front yard with Bettie hitting Harry, repeatedly punching and verbally attacking him.

Harry filed for divorced in December of 1971, on the grounds of separation and irreconcilable differences. By January 17, 1972 the divorce was granted, but Bettie didn’t take it too well. One evening in January a staff manager rushed into the Bible Town’s business manager’s office yelling that “a woman was running around with a gun at the motel” and sure enough it was Bettie. Waving a 0.22 calibre pistol, a gift from Harry to use for protection. Bettie ran around the motel complex shouting about the retribution of God.

Harry got a call from Boca Raton police, explained his way out of any serious charges, packed Bettie’s belongings and invited her to stay back at his house Hialeah. Bettie accepted and stayed until the summer when Harry decided to build an extra bedroom on the back of the house. But the uncontrollable outburst and violent behavior only got worse.

Bettie would stay at Jackson Memorial hospital, a state mental care facility for six months spending most of the time under suicide watch. Harry would come and visit her regularly reassuring her that there would be a place for her to come back to if she wanted it. When she finally left the hospital she left a changed woman, she took up Harry’s offer and moved back in.
“After the divorce, I stayed on at Harry’s house at Haileah for another Seven years doing the cleaning and taking care of the yard”
Harry and Bettie remained friendly with Bettie accepting that they were no longer husband and wife but more like landlord and tenant. By 1978, at the age of 55, Bettie’s alimony from Harry had dried up although Harry would often help her out financially. Harry wanted to retire and move away from Florida and decided he would move to South Carolina. This left Bettie no place to live.

Bettie’s brother Jimmy who had just recently divorced and needed the company was once again there to help. Bettie moved back in with Jimmy in his suburban Californian home near Santa Monica. There she lived for the next nine years. Yet some sources say this may not be the case and could be seen as a cover-up.


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