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May 1, 2024

40 Fabulous Photos of Beryl Wallace During Her Career

Born 1912 as Beatrice Heischuber in Brooklyn, New York, American singer, dancer and actress Beryl Wallace landed a role in the 1928 Earl Carroll Broadway theatre production of Vanities that was billed as having the “most beautiful girls in the world”. She and producer Earl Carroll began a personal relationship that would take them to Hollywood where she would perform in film and at his Earl Carroll Theatre.

Wallace made her film debut in 1934 in an uncredited role in the Paramount Pictures film production of Carroll’s Broadway play Murder at the Vanities. She went on to appear in a number of small roles until 1937, when she co-starred in the Monogram Pictures “B” Western film production of Romance of the Rockies with Tom Keene. This led to another co-starring role in the 1938 film, Air Devils.

In the early 1940s, Wallace continued appearing in bit parts, but also had good secondary roles in Republic Pictures “B” Westerns starring the likes of Roy Rogers and Richard Dix. While acting in twenty-two films over a ten-year period, Wallace’s primary job was as a star entertainer at Earl Carroll’s theatre.

During World War II, Wallace sang weekly on two 15-minute radio shows and on Monday evenings hosted a half-hour entertainment show on NBC radio called Furlough Fun. In addition to helping entertain soldiers at the Masquers Club, on Sunday afternoons she was a volunteer dancer at the Hollywood Canteen.

On June 17, 1948, while en route from Los Angeles to New York City, Beryl Wallace and Earl Carroll died in the crash of United Airlines Flight 624 in Aristes, Pennsylvania. She was 35. Take a look at these fabulous photos to see portraits of Beryl Wallace during her career.


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