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March 14, 2024

Joseph Binder: One of the Pioneers of the Modern Poster

Born 1898 in Vienna, Austrian graphic designer and painter Joseph Binder established his own studio, Wiener Graphik, in Vienna in 1924. His designs were also celebrated in the leading German design publication Gebrauchsgraphik. Natural images portrayed through geometric forms and flat colors were defining characteristics of the work he created during his Viennese period.

Posters designed by Joseph Binder

In the early 1930s, Binder increasingly set his sights on the United States after he was invited to lecture at the Chicago Art Institute and the Minneapolis School of Art. Throughout the 1930s, Binder’s international reputation continued to grow, fueled by the presence of his posters in exhibitions from New York to Tokyo. In 1938, he officially closed his Vienna studio two years after moving to the United States.

Binder was noted for his refined, stylized images and high-impact colors. Some of his best known works include posters for the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the U.S. Army Air Corps and the American Red Cross. He retired in 1963 and turned his focus to painting.

Binder died of a heart attack while installing an exhibition of his paintings in Vienna in 1972. Here below is a set of vintage posters designed by Joseph Binder.

Musik und Theaterfest, der Stadt Wien, 1924

Stoewer 8, 1928

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, Lloyd-Express, 1929

Kattus Hochriegl-Sekt, Die hohe Qualität, circa 1930s

Gebrauchsgrafik, International Advertising Art, June 1931

Vanity Fair, July 1933

House & Garden, March 1936

Fortune Magazine, July 1937

In 1939 - The New York World's Fair, 1937

Woman's Home Companion, October 1937

Fortune, May 1938

Woman's Home Companion, January 1938

New York World's Fair, 1939

Association of American Railroads, Washington D.C. 6, circa 1940s

Hotel Futura, 1943

Labor - Step Into This Picture, 1944

Graphis Magazine, Zürich, 1948

United Air Lines, Chicago, Art Institute Lion, 1948

American Junior Red Cross - Enroll For Service, circa 1950s

American Junior Red Cross - We Will Help, circa 1950s

American Junior Red Cross, circa 1950s

Del-Ka für Schöne Tage, circa 1950s

Jantzen, circa 1950

United Air Lines, Colorado, circa 1950

United Air Lines, Washington D.C., circa 1950s

Answer the call, join and serve (Red Cross), circa 1952

Since this time yesterday (Association of American Railroads), circa 1954

United Air Lines, New England, 1957

United Air Lines, New York, 1957

United Air Lines, San Francisco, 1957

United Air Lines, Southern California, 1957

Arabia Tee, circa 1960

Season's Greetings - U.S. Coast Guard, 1961


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