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March 17, 2024

Europe in the Mid-19th Century Through Claude-Marie Ferrier’s Lens

Born in 1811 in Lyon, French photographer Claude-Marie Ferrier began his career as an artist. He then became interested in photography and began to experiment with the new medium, initially becoming known for his portraits of notable French people.

By 1851, Ferrier had settled in Paris and in that year he exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London. His work so impressed the organizers that, together with the English photographer, Hugh Owen, he was asked to make photographs of the exhibits.

In 1855, Ferrier exhibited at the Exposition Universelle of Paris, where he was awarded a silver medal. He is credited with creating the first glass stereoviews for the Brewster stereoscope in 1852. These became very popular and in 1857 he produced several series of stereoviews of France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

In 1859 Ferrier went into partnership with his son and with another stereo photographer, Charles Soulier, with the business being sold in 1863 to Léon & Lévy, a company that specialized in stereoscopic views and picture postcards. However, Ferrier and Soulier continued to sell their photographs through the company.

Ferrier continued to work as a photographer until his death in 1889. His photographs are held in collections around the world. These amazing photos were taken by Claude-Marie Ferrier that show street scenes of Europe in the 1850s.

England. Windsor Castle, circa 1851

England. Exterior of the Crystal Palace from the Grounds, 1856

Bohemia. Pont de Prague, 1856

Bohemia. Pont de Prague, 1856

France. Bridge, Paris, 1852-53

France. Bridge, Place du Chatelet, Paris, circa 1855

France. Carcassonne, circa 1853

France. Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur, Narbonne, circa 1853

France. Chateau de Maintenon, 1852

France. Cottage, Hameau de la Reine, Versailes, 1852-54

France. Interior de l'Exposition, 1855

France. Interior de l'Exposition, 1855

France. Le Palais de Justice de Rouen, 1852

France. Les Eaux Chaudes (Pyrenees), 1856-58

France. Notre Dame de Paris, 1853

France. Paris Rooftops, 1852-53

France. Paris, 1852-53

France. St Sulpice, Paris, circa 1858

Italy. Panorama du Forum Romain, 1857

Italy. Piazza San Marco, Venezia, 1853-54

Italy. Ruines du Temple de la Concorde, Rome, 1853-54

Switzerland. Grande Arche du Pont De Berne, 1856-58

Switzerland. Une rue de Meiringen, 1856-58

Switzerland. Valley of Viege, 1856-58

Vatican. Ceremonie de Benediction, Easter Sunday, 1959

Vatican. Chambre des Bustes et Galerie des Statues, circa 1855

Vatican. Galerie de Chiaramonti, circa 1855

Vatican. Galerie de la Bibliotheque, circa 1855


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