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March 25, 2024

30 Amazing Photos of a Young Elton John in the 1970s

Starting with his Billboard Hot 100 top 40 debut with “Your Song” in 1970, Elton John has not only made an enduring impact on the music industry, but on the fashion world as well. A major contribution to John’s popularity was due to his daring and outside-the-box style. From feathers to sequins and his iconic colorful glasses, John’s clothes captured the attention of the entire world.

Elton John’s iconic looks were not only seen onstage, but on red carpets and in everyday life too. Elton has always dressed to the nines, and now in his 1970s, he continues to take risks with his style.  

John spearheaded new avenues of male style, breaking the pattern of men only wearing black or navy suits. Expressing himself through his style in such an extravagant manner encouraged his fans to do the same.

In his early years, his outfits included rainbow feather headpieces and orange latex jumpsuits, but now his style has matured with age. John continues to wear sparkles, though they are more frequently seen on suits. He continues to implement color into almost any look, though it is more likely to be seen on his shoes rather than through a hat these days.

Elton John remains one of the most fashionable male artists of all time, and there is no doubt he will continue to impress the world with his showstopping looks. Here, a selection of 30 amazing vintage photos of a young Elton John during the 1970s:


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