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March 1, 2024

20 Wonderful Color Photos Capture Everyday Life in Egypt in 1976

Egypt’s culture in the 1970s was characterized by a rich variety of peoples, values, religions, ideals, policies, and customs that continue to shape the country today.

Egypt traditionally practices moderate Islam. Women were encouraged to study and work. Women's rights were recognized. In the mid-1970s, many Egyptians emigrated to the Gulf states for work when the price of oil shot up.

Coptic Christians during the 1970s suffered many attacks after the Islamic Revolution. In fact, since 647 C.E., Christians were the minority in Egypt, as many converted to Islam in order to avoid paying a tax to the Muslim government. The traditional teachings of the Koran allowed men to remain dominant within society. According to the Koran, men are the protectors of the women, who were weaker and needed care. Islamic Sharia (law) considers men to be greater than women.

These amazing vintage photographs capture street scenes of Egypt in 1976:


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