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March 27, 2024

Amazing Photos of the 1958 Facel Vega FV4 ‘Typhoon’ Coupe

Launched in 1958 and produced for a mere year, the Facel Vega Typhoon, also recognized as the FV4, was the epitome of elegance and strength in its fourth generation. Designed by the collaborative efforts of Jean Daninos, Lance Macklin, and M. Brasseur, this new Vega boasted a minimalist design and a robust presence.

Noteworthy enhancements from its predecessor included profile adjustments to the front end, showcasing double stacked headlights. The Typhoon’s crowning glory was its formidable 345 cubic inch V8 Hemi engine, known as the “Firepower” Hemi—Chrysler’s inaugural overhead valve V8 motor. This powerhouse was fueled by two four-barrel Carter carburetors and paired with a “Torqueflite” three-speed push-button automatic transmission, delivering an impressive 325 horsepower and 425 feet/pounds of torque.

Built on a 104” wheelbase, the Facel Vega Typhoon was marketed as achieving 0-60 in just over 8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 140 mph—an extraordinary feat for a vehicle weighing over 4,100 pounds, especially during the 1950s. Despite the French marque’s popularity among the affluent, a mere thirty-six of these lavish automobiles featuring the FirePower Hemi were ever created, rendering the surviving few particularly coveted among collectors.

Here below is a set of amazing photos of the 1958 Facel Vega FV4 ‘Typhoon’ Coupe.


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