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February 10, 2024

Amazing Vintage Posters Designed by René Ravo

Born 1904 in Étampes, French poster designer and illustrator René Ravo orphaned at the age of 9, he was soon forced to abandon drawing studies to engage in automobile mechanics. During his military service, he came into contact with advertisers and offered them models on industrial subjects: His mechanical knowledge allowed him to hold their attention.

Posters designed by René Ravo

Ravo began working in 1920 for the Puybelle agency (in charge of advertisements in the magazine L’Illustration), then from 1924, for the Avenir-Publicité agency. He then set up his own creative workshop in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

From 1924, Ravo designed hundreds of advertisements for major brands of the time. His career ended in the 1960s, when drawn posters were abandoned in favor of photography.

Ravo lived in Andrésy (Yvelines) for a long time. He died in 1998 in Versailles, aged 93. Here below is a set of amazing posters designed by René Ravo from between the 1930s and 1960s.

Radio Pathé, circa 1930

Jambon Français, circa 1930

Loterie Nationale, 1935

Radiola, 1939

Radiola, circa 1939

Cigarettes Gitanes, Circa 1940

Radiola, Le Troubadeur de la Radio, circa 1940

Pour 200 grammes de cuivre, 1 Litre de vin, 1942

Pour sulfater nos vignes il fau Du Cuivre, 1942

Rassemblement des Gauches Republicaines - à moi!, 1948

Le Quartier d'Orange, un boulet pas comme les autres!, circa 1950

Les Horlogers Bijoutiers qui ont mérité, circa 1950

Mazda Perle, circa 1950

Qui dit Radio, dit Radiola, 1950

Radiola, Electro-Menager, 1950

Seccotine, Colle..même le fer!, circa 1950

Sécurité, VeloSolex, La bicyclette qui roule toute seule!, circa 1950

Vélo Solex, Solexine, circa 1950

Solex, Carburateur - Micrometre - Velosolex, Triple visage d'une activité mondiale, 1954

Aliment No. 1 le Poisson, circa 1955

Qui dit Radio, dit Radiola, circa 1955

Eponge Spontex, 1960

Le froid est là! c’est un Radiola, circa 1960

Qui dit Tele…qui dit Radio , dit… Radiola, circa 1960

Velosolex S 3300 garanti 1 an, circa 1960

VeloSolex, circa 1960

Autoroutes Emprunt 1964, Caisse Nationale des Autoroute

Musique et Radio, Qui dit Radio, dit Radiola, circa 1965


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