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February 15, 2024

Kate Moss Photographed by Kate Garner in 1990

“I had shot Kate Moss before, for i-D magazine when she was about 14, a little fashion shoot about sweaters. By 1990, we knew each other from around town, being on the scene. The idea was to do a more sophisticated shoot, on the theme of the morning after the night before. We did a series of pictures where she was getting ready to go out, then coming home disheveled, and then going out for a coffee the next morning.”

“The magazine I shot the series for didn’t publish them in the end because they said Kate wasn’t going to make it as a model. Then they came to me a couple of years later, wanting the pictures. They published one of her holding a teddy bear in her underwear, which is now kind of controversial.

“The reason why Kate made it so big is that she’s deeply intelligent on a body level. She can figure out what you’re trying to do and make it bigger. It’s not just about being good-looking. This coffee picture, which is probably tea because she’s so British, is such a simple image – but she just connects with the camera. Of all the pictures I’ve taken of celebrities, the ones of Kate just keep selling.

“The fashion world can be very: ‘Shall I be friends with this person – or is it more advantageous if I don’t speak to them?’ Kate never indulged in that sort of behavior, which makes her very likable. If you help Kate at all, she will be faithful to you.

“As far as her looks go, you can think: ‘Oh, she’s just pretty.’ But if you look deeper, you’ll see that the eyes are a little farther apart than normal, the mouth fuller, the cheekbones bigger – and suddenly that prettiness takes on another dimension. You could not take a bad picture of her.”

(This original story was told by the photographer Kate Garner on The Guardian here)


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