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February 20, 2024

That Time in 1989 When 15 Year-Old Eva Mendes Asked Alyssa Milano for Her Autograph

Before Eva Mendes was an award-winning actress, she was just a young Alyssa Milano fan like the majority of her peers. Mendes posted this amazing throwback photo of herself, who was 15 at the time and not yet famous, with Who’s the Boss star Milano in 1989.
“That time the boss Alyssa Milano came to the mall when I was 15 and I lost my damn mind. I was obsessed. #tbt @milano_alyssa”

Mendes had “waited in line for hours to get my picture taken with her” at the Glendale mall. She spoke of her admiration for Milano:
“Alyssa Milano from Who’s the Boss. I just thought she was living my ideal life on that show. It was a rags-to-riches story and I felt like that maybe it could happen to me. I just loved her little attitude and her name, I loved her actual name and her character’s name, Samantha Micelli. She also had this workout video called Teen Steam. I know it word for word.

When I was 15, I even went to the Glendale Gallery mall and waited in line for hours to get my picture taken with her. I still have that picture. More recently I admire Julianne Moore as an actor and a woman. She’s fearless in her role choices and really embraces being out of her comfort zone. Though at the same time she’s grounded and elegant in her private life.”


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