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February 12, 2024

Wonderful Advertisements for Buick in 1954

You see it – in those lines of the 1954 Buick that nestle lower to the roadway, that thrust further forward and aft, that rival those of an arrow in their functional fitness.

You sense it – in the vastly broadened vision of its panoramic windshield, in such interior innovations as its airplane-type controls, linear speedometer, and high-air intake ventilation.

But most of all,you feel it – in the surge of newfound power that takes it from your toe when you want to go in a way that exceeds even the engineers’ early expectations. “Sensational,” you’ll say and without exaggeration,when you sample the step-up in power you get from that great V8 that’s in every 1954 Buick.

You've had hints before that Buick was setting patterns for the future – in its development of Twin-Turbine Dynaflow Drive, the Million Dollar Hide, the world’s first vertical-valve V8. You know Buick has done it now in everything in style, in ride, in comfort, in performance. See these provocative new 1954 Buicks models, Drive them. You'll agree “tomorrow is here.”


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