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February 19, 2024

Beautiful and Sexy Portrait Photography of 30 Hollywood Actresses From the 1940s

The 1940s was an era that gave birth to some of the most iconic and influential actresses in the history of Hollywood. These classic Hollywood actresses, known as the leading ladies from the 1940s, left an indelible mark on the silver screen, captivating audiences with their talent, beauty, and remarkable performances. From the glamorous and talented Ginger Rogers to the captivating Lana Turner, these women defined the Golden Era of cinema, becoming renowned female actors who continue to be celebrated today.

Ann Miller, 1943

Adele Jergens, 1948

Anne Shirley, 1940

Barbara Hale, 1944

Colleen Townsend, 1942

Constance Moore, 1944

Dolores Moran, 1943

Dona Drake, 1948

Esther Williams, 1946

Evelyn Ankers, 1944

Gene Tierney, 1943

Jane Randolph, 1948

Jane Wyatt, 1946

Janet Blair, 1942

Jean Rogers, 1942

Jinx Falkenburg, 1944

Joan Fulton, 1946

Julie Bishop, 1942

Marjorie Woodworth, 1942

Martha O’Driscoll, 1943

Martha Vickers, 1945

Noel Neill, 1944

Pat Hall, 1949

Patricia Mace, 1943

Priscilla Lane, 1942

Ramsay Ames, 1943

Susanna Foster, 1944

Vera Zorina, 1941

Virginia Mayo, 1949

Yvonne De Carlo, 1947


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