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January 8, 2024

30 Amazing Posters Designed by Mario Borgoni in the Early 20th Century

Born 1869 in Pesaro, Italian painter, illustrator, graphic designer, fashion designer and advertiser Mario Borgoni moved to the Neapolitan city where he married his beloved Lilliana who bore him two children (Renato and Vittorio), and who he used as a model for many of his works.

Borgoni studied at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts, where he was a student of Ignazio Perricci. He dedicated himself as much to realistic and stage painting, often portraying women, as he did to protest posters.

Borgoni frequented the painter Domenico Morelli. He died in Naples in 1936. Here below is a set of amazing posters designed by Mario Borgoni in the early 20th century.

Wien-Venezia, circa 1900

Grand Hotel & Royal, Siena, Italia, circa 1900

La Mutua Italiana, Assicurazione e Cassa Sovvenzione, 1903

Perugia Palace Hôtel, circa 1903

National Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, 1905

Excelsior Hotel, Rome, Ouverture, Janvier 1906

Rimini l'Ostenda d'Italia, Grand Hotel, 1908

All the Rage!!!, 'Eva', Plastic Dissolving Effects, "Reproductions of Art Pictures", circa 1910s

Olio d'Oliva Fratlelli Carli, 1910

Stresa-Mottarone, circa 1910

Yphandi Cigarettes, circa 1910s

Mostra Floreale ed Orticola, 1911

Chemin de Fer Electrique Montreux Oberland Bernois, 1912

Amalfi, Italia, 1915

Prestito Nazionale, 1916

VI Prestito Nazionale, 1916

Prestito Nazionale, 1917

VI Prestito Nazionale, 1919

Excelsior Palace Hotel, Venise-Lido, circa 1920

Hotel Royale, Bordighera, Italy, circa 1920

Lido Venise, Grand Hotel des Bains, Grand Hotel Lido, circa 1920

Merano, circa 1920

S. Margherita, circa 1920

Yphandi Cigarettes Bruxelles, circa 1920

Le Lac Majeur, Stresa et les Îles Borromées, circa 1925

Sitmar, Società Italiana di Servizi Marittimi, circa 1925

Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, 1925

Capri, Italia, circa 1927

Le Linee Aeree d'Italia, 1927

Taormina, Italia, 1927


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