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January 23, 2024

Kate in Curlers: The Photo of Kate Moss Which Was Rejected by Esquire Magazine for Not Being “Glamazon” Enough

The black and white photograph, taken by singer-turned-photographer Kate Garner in 1990, shows Kate Moss aged around 16 sat at a dressing table on the telephone. The theme of the shoot was “The morning after the night before” – and this image, dubbed “Kate in Curlers,” features Moss getting ready for a glamorous night out with her hair in rollers.

It was intended to make a statement, demonstrating that Moss was leaving her “grunge” phase behind and entering a new glamorous, more sophisticated phase.

The image was commissioned by Esquire magazine just before Moss became a star, but was never published. It was reportedly rejected because she didn’t have the “glamazon” look that was still in favor. The publishers allegedly didn’t feel Moss could compete with the likes of Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington, known for their more for curvaceous, tall physiques.

Moss went on to become Vogue’s most prolific cover girl and one of the world’s most recognizable models.

Croydon-born Kate Moss was talent-spotted at the age of 14 by Storm model agency boss Sarah Doukas while standing in a check-in queue at JFK Airport in New York in 1988. Arriving at the end of the supermodel era, Moss rose to fame in the mid-1990s as part of the “heroin chic” fashion trend, with her collaborations with Calvin Klein cementing her fashion icon status.


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