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January 20, 2024

Janis Joplin During a Studio Shoot for Eye Magazine in Belvedere Street, San Francisco, January 1968

Despite a tragically short life,Janis Joplin had an enormous impact on music history, paving the way for the countless female artists who came after her. She was a white woman who sang the blues, a self-described ugly duckling who dared to put herself centerstage and, above all, a stubborn testament to her guiding mantra: “You are only as much as you settle for.”

Janis sings animatedly during a studio shoot for Eye magazine, which photographer Baron Wolman called the “concert for one” in Belvedere Street, San Francisco, January 1968.

To shoot Janis Joplin, Wolman walked with his cameras to her nearby flat in the Haight-Ashbury where she lived with her cat and dog. “I, too, lived in the Haight where I had turned two bedrooms of our three bedroom house into a photo studio: the same studio in which Janis subsequently gave an unforgettable full-out performance for me and my camera in what I have come to call the ‘concert for one.’”


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