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January 8, 2024

Vintage Photographs of Elvis Presley Signing Autographs to His Fans

When speaking about his fans, Elvis Presley would say, “Without ‘em, I’d be lost.”

Fans have wanted their own piece of Elvis since the beginning. Something to remember him by. Something given to them by him. Girls would scream and faint when he started throwing scarves into the audience. Fans wanted autographs everywhere he went. His signature scrawled out on an item he touched and put his name to. What fan wouldn’t want that? That’s the opinion of this avid autograph collector, at least.

Elvis Presley was a willing autograph signer. He made time for fans that would congregate outside Graceland’s gates. He’d sign autographs and take pictures with them. Elvis was famous for virtually the entirety of his adult life, which works out to a little over twenty years. He signed autographs during that entire period. In all likelihood, Elvis gave thousands upon thousands of autographs to eager fans.


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