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January 11, 2024

40 Elegant Photos Show Bridesmaids’ Styles in the 1940s

In the early 1940s, during the war, the fashion industry was heavily impacted by rationing. However, wedding dresses were exempt, meaning wedding gowns were free to be. Still, with the strong need for silk in various war materials, many women decided to go with the more sensible fabric: rayon.

As the decade progressed, wedding gowns became more snug and less extravagant. Sure, you’d see wedding dresses that could double as parachutes, but it was a noticeable different how much more trim wedding dresses are in the late 1940s.

Traditional wedding dresses in the 1940s were white. Starting in the mid 1940s, many young celebrities were getting hitched, being photographed wearing dress suits or their Sunday best. It had become pretty normal to skirt the whole wedding dress altogether.

So how about fashion styles of bridesmaids in this period? Just check out these elegant photos to see.


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