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December 31, 2023

30 Found Photos Show What Camping Looked Like in the 1960s and ’70s

Camping is the process of staying overnight, in a different location, using some form of shelter. Typical forms of shelter include tents, hammocks, and recreational vehicles like caravans and campervans. This activity was originally developed in the UK as a type of holiday, but people worldwide now enjoy camping – It is most popular in the UK, France, and the United States.

Camping as a recreational activity became popular among elites in the early 20th century. With time, it grew in popularity among other socioeconomic classes. Modern campers frequent publicly owned natural resources such as national and state parks, wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds.

Camping is a key part of many youth organizations around the world, such as Scouting, which use it to teach both self-reliance and teamwork. School camping trips also have numerous benefits and can play an essential role in the personal growth and development of students.

These vintage photos were found by Mark Susina that show what camping looked like in the 1960s and 1970s.


  1. This collection made me so happy. There they all are sealed off safely from mass shootings, Donald Trump, the violence in Central America, and the list list if future grief goes on. I was about 12 in the 60s and I felt so safe in my family and community. Great photos.

  2. Thanks to this compilation, I am overjoyed. Out of harm's way, they're protected from mass murders, Trump, Central American bloodshed, and whatever else may come to pass in the face of sorrow.




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