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December 13, 2023

35 Amazing Photos Defined Children’s Fashion in the Mid-19th Century

Children’s fashion during the Victorian age was very unique to its time. People wore fancy, heavily-layered clothing, much different from the clothes people wear in modern times.

Children’s fashion in the 1860s and 1870s

Children’s clothing resembled those of the adults. Different style clothing was worn according to age and gender. Girls wore mostly skirts and dresses, the style and length changed as they grew older. Meanwhile, the boys wore sailor suits, and clothes that would be considered girls clothes in modern standards.

All of these children’s clothes were uncomfortable and fancy, for that was the style in the Victorian aged England. Take a look at these amazing photos to see what children wore in the 1860s and 1870s.

A boy stands with his arms crossed

A child with tightly-curled hair sits on a wood rocking horse

A child's reflection

A girl and a canine friend posed for this portrait in New Orleans

A girl and her best friend

A girl sat for portrait and held hands with her best friend

A girl sits with an open carte de visite album in her lap

A girl stands in profile, facing a doll who sits in a chair

A girl stands with arms crossed on a box covered in material. A dog, presumed to be hers, lays between her and the camera

A girl stands with her right hand resting on the ornate frame of a full-length mirror

A girl wearing eyeglasses sits on the edge of her chair, peering over a newspaper

A girl wearing lace gloves stands protectively over her doll, who is seated in a chair

A girl with rouged cheeks and lips is dressed in a coat with fur collar and a hat decorated with feathers

A girl with the Stars and Stripes

A girl with tightly-curled hair stands next to a table upon which rests a tinted bouquet of flowers. She wears an off-the-shoulder dress and a locket

A pair of children with intricately curled hair, likely sister and brother, pose for the photographer

A table and wicker-topped stool are used as a chair of sorts to support this child in a blue, off-the-shoulder dress

A young boy stands next to a wooden rocking horse

A young girl kneels on a carpeted floor. Her hands, pressed together, rest upon the seat of a chair

A young girl makes use of a balustrade to hold her head still for the camera operator. She wears a dress with matching cape, velvet hat, and patent leather shoes

A young girl sits atop a bench covered in fabric. in her hands she holds her china doll

A young man armed with a musket poses is clearly in command of his detachment of toy soldiers

A young man supports himself with a wood cane in one hand as he leans a forearm against a balustrade rail

A young man with a slightly furrowed brow sits on the edge of an ornate chair with his foot perched upon a small stool

Balustrade boy

Boy dressed as Union soldier

Boy with toy sword

Girl sits with hat

Girl with book

The cap and plaid dress worn by this child suggests origins to the British isles

The domino players

The young man gazes downward at a large volume, perhaps a ledger

Two youngsters wear hats wrapped by bands printed “Franklin”

Young boy impeccably dressed

Young girl, hidden mother


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