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December 29, 2023

30 Amazing Photos of New Year’s Postcards in the Early 20th Century

The tradition of sending greetings can be traced as far back as the early Egyptians whom used papyrus scrolls to send letters and to the Ancient Chinese who exchanged messages of good will at New Years. Since then many cultures have exchanged greetings cards in one form or another.

New Year’s postcards in the 1900s and 1910s

Since the 1860s companies have been mass producing greetings cards and with further technical developments in printing increasing the availability and lowering the price, they became readily available to all. The introduction of color printing in the 1930s and humorous cards (sometimes known as Studio cards) in the 1940s and 50s saw their popularity grow ever further.

Here below is a set of amazing photos that shows New Year’s postcards in the 1900s and 1910s.

"I pray the New Year be full of delight for thee.", circa 1900s

"Wishing You a Happy New Year." An early twentieth-century postcard by artist Bernhardt Wall, circa 1900s

A Happy New Year, circa 1900s

A Happy New Year, Princeton Church Sabbath School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1900s

An early twentieth-century New Year postcard illustrated by Bernhardt Wall, circa 1900s

An early twentieth-century postcard depicting a couple aloft in an airship as they celebrate the new year by scattering gold coins and red hearts across the countryside, circa 1900s

Boys shooting a lucky pig (in German, Glücksschwein) and gold coins out of a cannon for luck and wealth in the New Year, circa 1900s

Early Yet-Hic. A Happy New Year, circa 1900s

New Year Mushrooms and Snails—Viel Glück im Neuen Jahr, circa 1900s

New Year's postcard, Sweden, circa 1900s

Wishing You a Happy New Year, circa 1900s

1901 New Year vintage postcard, 1901

New Year 1902 vintage postcard, 1902

Postcard 1904 New Year, 1904

Postcard 1904 New Year, 1904

New Year 1905 vintage postcard, 1905

New Year 1905 vintage postcard, 1905

Bonne Annee! French vintage card. Date "Janvier 1906" on the back

Good Luck - Jan 1 - A Happy New Year, 1908

Leap Year, 1908—Every Maid Can Choose Her Mate

Leap Year, 1908—Now or Never More

"May Health, Prosperity, and Happiness Follow you in the New Year." A postcard addressed on the other side to Mrs. Frank D. Savin, 180 Cleveland St., Youngstown, Ohio, and postmarked at Clayton, IL, December 31, 1909

"Wishing You a Happy New Year". A postcard dated 1909 with a sledding illustration by artist Bernhardt Wall. The other side is an advertisement for Poth's Beer

I'll Be Yours If You'll Be Mine, 1909

Remember When I Called You Mine in 1909

"A Happy New Year." The handwritten date on the other side of this postcard is January 1, 1910

"Wishing You a Happy New Year." Postmarked in Madison, Wisconsin, January 4, 1910

1910—A Happy New Year, 1910

"Godt Nytt År" (Norwegian for "Happy New Year) is the message on this postcard, which was postmarked in Stockholm, December 31, 1912

A New Year's postcard that received a postmark in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 1, 1912


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