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December 10, 2023

30 Impressive Posters Designed by Lucian Bernhard in the 1910s

Born 1883 as Emil Kahn in Cannstatt, German graphic designer, type designer, professor, interior designer, and artist Lucian Bernhard was influential in helping create the design style known as Plakatstil (Poster Style), which used reductive imagery and flat-color as well as Sachplakat (‘object poster’) which restricted the image to simply the object being advertised and the brand name. He was also known for his designs for Stiller shoes, Manoli cigarettes, and Priester matches.

Posters designed by Lucian Bernhard in the 1910s

Though Bernhard studied briefly at the Akademie in Munich, he was largely self-taught. He moved to Berlin in 1901 where he worked as a poster designer and art director for magazines. In 1920, he became a professor at the Akademie der K√ľnste until 1923, when he emigrated to New York City.

In 1928, Bernhard opened the Contempora Studio with Rockwell Kent, Paul Poiret, Bruno Paul, and Erich Mendelsohn where he worked as a graphic artist and interior designer. In Germany, Bernhard’s typefaces were initially favored by the Nazi Party, but were later banned under the mistaken assumption that he was Jewish (largely due to his Jewish-sounding birth name).

Later in life, Bernhard worked primarily as a painter and sculptor until his death in 1972. Here below is a set of impressive posters designed by Lucian Bernhard in the 1910s.

Cigarette Manoli, 1910

Förthöfer Qualitäts-Kornbranntwein, 1910

Frauenrätsel, 1910

Lucha Cigars, circa 1910

Osram Azo, circa 1910

Ranniger's, circa 1910

Thusnelda Margarine, circa 1910

Der neue Bosch Magnet, circa 1911

Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung Berlin, 1911

Manoli Gibson Girl, 1911

Meister-Ringkämpfe, 1911

Borussia Malzbier, circa 1912

Cords, Berlin, 1912

Excelsior, Gummi-Absatze, 1912

Manoli Kardash Cigaretten, 1912

Meinl Kaffee, 1912

Novelta Cigarettes, 1912

Oigee Binocoli, 1912

Adler, 1913

Adler, 1913

AEG Flammeco-Lampen für Fabrikbeleuchtung, 1913

Bosch-Licht, 1913

Stiller Shoes, 1913

Bosch Spark Plug, 1914

Heine-Mann, 1914

Klein-Adler, 1914

Manoli Dandy, 1914

Pelikan Schreibband, Günther Wagner, Hannover, 1914

Der Panther, 1915

Plakate Heraus!, 1915


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