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December 15, 2023

General Electric Wall-Mounted Refrigerator and Freezer, a 1955 Innovation

Hangs on your wall like a picture! It’s so easy to install! There’s little or no remodeling necessary. The cabinet is hung on a sturdy “picture hook” mounting bracket which is fastened securely to the wall. Can be hung at any height to suit yourself.
The GE wall refrigerator-freezer was introduced in 1955 — the same year that GE introduced the Wonder Kitchen and a whole suite of kitchen appliances all meant to encourage the “built-in” look. This magnificent refrigerator-freezer that hangs from the wall provides a completely new and advanced concept of modern living. Truly, it is the most convenient and magnificent refrigerator-freezer ever produced!

The advantages of this new GE Wall Refrigerator-Freezer are obvious: there’s no need to bend or stoop for foods because everything can be seen at a glance. It can be installed directly above a work counter to provide extra counter surface. And, there’s room in the kitchen for extra base cabinets because this compact new appliance occupies no floor space.


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