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December 31, 2023

Elegant Photos Show Women’s Fashion Styles in the 1890s

By 1890, the crinoline and bustle was fully abandoned, and skirts flared away naturally from the wearer’s tiny waist. It evolved into a bell shape, and were made to fit tighter around the hip area. Necklines were high, while sleeves of bodices initially peaked at the shoulders, but increased in size during 1894.

Fashion styles for women in the 1890s

Although the large sleeves required cushions to secure them in place, it narrowed down towards the end of the decade. Women thus adopted the style of the tailored jacket, which improved their posture and confidence, while reflecting the standards of early female liberation.

The 1890s brought the beginnings of a change in how fashion was presented as well. Take a look at these elegant photos to see fashion styles for women in the 1890s.

Rich and varied hats, Stanwood, Washington

Young woman with herself

Dancer in folk costume, Max Platz studio, Chicago

Elegant woman, Harper, Kansas

Fashionable French lady, Studio Americaine, Lyon

Friends, Mendota, Illinois studio

Lady in black, San Francisco, California

Lady in white, San Francisco, California

Lady with hair ornament. Identified on reverse as Edith May Smock, Fairfield, Iowa

Norwegian girl, Trondhjem, Norway studio

On the reverse “Annie Johnson”, G.H. Young studio, Chicago

On the reverse “Mae Pearson”, Mercer, Pennsylvania

Sisters, Nebraska City, Nebraska studio

Studio portrait of young woman, Chicago, Illinois

Swedish woman, Nosund, Sweden studio

Swedish woman, Uddevalla, Sweden studio

Woman in black, Omaha, Nebraska studio

Woman in fancy dress, Singhi Studio, Binghamton, New York

Woman in winter attire, Sunbeam Gallery, Peoria, Illinois

Woman with glasses, Providence, Rhode Island studio

Woman with straw hat, Winterset, Iowa studio

Young woman in springtime, Sunbeam Gallery, Peoria, Illinois




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