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November 15, 2023

Vintage Studio Photos of Victorian Babies With Their Half-Face Hidden Mothers

Have you ever had difficulties trying to get a baby to sit down and pose for a picture? It’s a massive headache now, but it was even harder for mothers in the Victorian era when vintage photography technology made posing very difficult.

To understand these photographs, you first need to understand the technical realities of early photography. Unlike the quick snap of picture-taking today, the subject of a portrait in the 19th century needed to sit still for a lot longer. If you wanted a daguerrotype of your baby, you needed to keep the sucker still for between 60 and 90 seconds.

Because of this, mothers were frequently enlisted to keep their children still during the shot. But instead of posing with the children, mothers instead opted to obscure themselves, resulting in photographs in which a mother is holding a child while completely covered in a brocade.

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  1. 3rd one down is a death photo which was common back then due to 50% plus of kids not making it to age 10 in 1880 or so.




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